The gift of time

The whirring of machines. The timeless ticking of the clock. The drip-drop of IV lines. The distant buzz of an alarm Waiting for information. Waiting to go home. Always waiting. I'm sick of hospitals, sick of doctors, sick of this disease, sick of being unheard, sick of not having answers. But this place is one [...]


The haunting

There she goes… The tightly-bound threads are loosening, unravelling. I’m unravelling. Little by little I’m making less sense of this disease and more sense of the scale of its destruction. I’m angry, sad and hurt. It hurts to look back and think of just how much it’s robbed from me, to watch my ghost lace [...]

Why am I not equal?

I’ve learnt that my biggest issue with using a wheelchair is not that I see myself as disabled, it’s that the outside world is designed in such an inaccessible way that it highlights my disability and sets up barriers for inclusion at every turn. Simply put, by using a wheelchair, you are not considered or treated as equal by society.

Diary of a disabled bride

As you'll know, I got married last July. We had an absolutely amazing day but during the months leading up to the wedding I really struggled. There was nothing out there for brides or grooms with disabilities, nowhere to turn to - and at times it became a very lonely road (see article I wrote [...]

Who am I now?

I’m finally sat back here. Staring at the keyboard. Words and feelings storming through my brain. They’re too fast to catch, to hold on to and to challenge It feels like they rip through me. But there’s so many of them. I’m tired. Too tired for all of this. Somedays I can’t cope with the [...]